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US 9461993 B2

System and methods for UICC-based secure communication US 9461993 B2
System and methods for uicc-based secure communication US 20150222631 A1

A system that incorporates the subject disclosure may include, for example, instructions which when executed cause a device processor to perform operations comprising sending a service request to a remote management server; receiving from the management server an authentication management function and an encryption key generator for execution by a secure element and an encryption engine for execution by a secure device processor, sending a request to establish a communication session with a remote device; and communicating with the remote device via a channel established using an application server. The secure element and the secure device processor authenticate each other using a mutual authentication keyset. The secure element, the secure device processor and the device processor each have a security level associated therewith; the security level associated with the secure device processor is intermediate between that of the secure element and that of the device processor. Other embodiments are disclosed.

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Monday, October 02, 2017

You have 30 days left to download your iCloud Photo Library.

New Message from iCloud!
It seems that they have fixed the backup storage issue ... No more storage full message ... but the new iCloud Photo Library wants to be enabled ... :-D

Dear ... ...,

iCloud Photo Library has been disabled on all your devices and new photos and videos are no longer uploading to iCloud.
There are currently 122 photos and 2 videos in your iCloud Photo Library
Original format, full resolution versions of your photos and videos are not stored on your devices. You must download your full resolution photos and videos to at least one device before they are deleted from iCloud Photo Library in 30 days.
To download your photos and videos to an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iOS 8:
1.Connect to a power source and Wi-Fi.
2.Go to Settings and tap iCloud, then select Photos.
3.Tap Download and Keep Originals.
If your library exceeds the storage space available on your device, you can download your photos and videos to your Mac or PC from
If you do not want iCloud Photo Library turned off, you can turn it right back on your iOS device:
1.Go to Settings and tap iCloud.
2.Select Storage and tap Manage Storage.
3.Select iCloud Photo Library and Undo Delete.
The iCloud Team

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Smart Image Scoring

Image Aesthetics Scoring Engine

The developed engine gets the image and outputs a score showing the amount of the beauty inside the image! The code is working on Android/iOS platform,
The engine speed is about 100-200 ms which makes it suitable for a real-time engine. The core exploits GPU to compute aesthetic features from the image, and estimate the aesthetic score.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Transferring Deep-learned Models

Integrating Deep-learned Models and Photography Idea Retrieval

ABSTRACT: Retrieving photography ideas corresponding to a given location facilitates the usage of smart cameras, where there is a high interest among amateurs and enthusiasts to take astonishing photos at anytime and in any location. Existing research captures some aesthetic techniques such as the rule of thirds, triangle, and perspectiveness, and retrieves useful feedbacks based on one technique. However, they are restricted to a particular technique and the retrieved results have room to improve as they can be limited to the quality of the query. There is a lack of a holistic framework to capture important aspects of a given scene and give a novice photographer informative feedback to take a better shot in his/her photography adventure. This work proposes an intelligent framework of portrait composition using our deep-learned models and image retrieval methods. A highly-rated web-crawled portrait dataset is exploited for retrieval purposes. Our framework detects and extracts ingredients of a given scene representing as a correlated hierarchical model. It then matches extracted semantics with the dataset of aesthetically composed photos to investigate a ranked list of photography ideas, and gradually optimizes the human pose and other artistic aspects of the composed scene supposed to be captured. The conducted user study demonstrates that our approach is more helpful than the other constructed feedback retrieval systems.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

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> But it is OK to empty the blog content and give me the permission.

Upon further review, the offer to empty your sites no longer stands. You've continued to publish spam content across a large number of sites. As such, all of the blogs owned by your account have been suspended and will not be returned.


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