Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Facebook fundraiser refund receipt

Hi xxx,
We wanted to let you know that your donation of $xx.xx to the fundraiser Raising Money for Devastating Iran’s Earthquake was refunded and will be deposited into PayPal xxx@xxx.xxx. Please note that it may take your bank a few business days to deposit this payment into your account.

Unfortunately, we can't allow fundraisers that appear to be intended to send funds into a country that is subject to comprehensive sanctions. Additionally, to raise money for a nonprofit on Facebook, we require people to select from a specific list of authorized nonprofits to ensure authenticity and security. This fundraiser is therefore ineligible to receive funds.

xxx, we value the generosity you've shown to this fundraiser and know this cause is important to you. Since we are unable to direct your donation through this fundraiser, Facebook is making a donation on your behalf to GlobalGiving for the full amount that this fundraiser generated, which will further distribute the funds to licensed organizations working in the area.

Thank you for being part of our fundraising community.

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